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Group Info

1. Respect members and staff of the group. Any inappropriate behaviour from anyone will result in a warning. If it continues, the person will be banned. We would hate for this to happen, so please abide by this.

2. No foul language of any kind. This coincides with respecting everyone. This is a group created for charity; it's not a bar.

3. Staff reserve the right to decline any art submitted to our Gallery and Favourites. We will consider each piece fairly, however, before we make this decision. Please respect this.

4. As all art pieces that get donated to the Gallery will be printed, it is important that submissions relate to the group's aim. Will someone affiliated with a certain charity group appreciate this piece? This isn't a group to gain exposure of your pieces.

5. Any art forms beside literature are accepted in the Gallery. Literature and Journals can go in the Favourites.

6. Anyone can join this group - you don't have to be in Australia! While most of the charities we aim to help are Australian, we will also donate to International charities where possible. Anyone with a good heart and who wants to help our cause is welcome.
Founded 1 Year ago
Dec 4, 2012


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Support & Cause

45 Members
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Random from Favourites

Here you can find art submitted by our members to show their support. Some of these pieces may also be printed.
Hello and welcome to all!

Greetings to all the new members, and thanks for joining the cause. Any way that you can help will be greatly appreciated.
Remember that there is a list of roles in the Welcome blog entry.

You may have noticed some small changes, such as the implementation of a new rules system, as well as a couple of new Affiliations.

The rules have been updated to maintain some specificity and to make everything as clear as possible.
Please do check out our Group Info on the main page to see them, and feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns.
These rules may be added to over time as necessary, as more members join and the group expands as a whole.

As for the Affiliations, two new groups have been added.
Charity-Commissions "is a group for deviants who donate all or a part of their commission money or material to charity or do something in exchange for commissions." While this isn't an Australian group, it's a fantastic one and great for artists who want to help out charities while also gaining exposure.
Canberra-Arts is exactly that: a group specifically for artists in Canberra. While it has a small number of memberships, it has good potential to expand. Go check it out if you're in the area!
Affliation requests and inviations are seriously considered, but are always welcome. If you run an Australian group or a group with a good cause, don't hesitate to send over a request.

Admins and Members
New members are always welcome here, and you don't have to be from Australia.
It would be fantastic to be able to get this group off the ground and running as it should, but help is needed.

This brings us onto Admins.
One or two Admins to help run the group would be extremely helpful, especially ones that are able to conduct fundraising DevMeets.
If you are interested in helping out as an Admin, please contact myself, LifeIsZealous, to apply.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information above or anything else to do with this group, comment below, on the group's main page, or contact LifeIsZealous.

Spread the word, be charitable
More Journal Entries

Donations Made

Donate art, money and anything else you have to offer to charities around Australia. These include charities such as Guide Dogs Victoria, Starlight Foundation, and more.
Charity Australia was created to raise money, awareness and even art for charities across the country. Any money raised will go to the nominated charities, just as any art will be sent as well.

To make your own donations nationwide visit, where LifeIsZealous will make most donations except those not available via the site.


Cancer Council Australia -
The Starlight Children's Foundation -
Australian Red Cross -


Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria -
Guide Dogs Victoria -

New South Wales:

South Australia:

Western Australia:

Northern Territory:

Angels Goal (also found here) -


These fantastic people and many more are what make this group possible.





The lovely groups who help make this possible, and those who we give our support.
Many are based in Australia, but there will also be International groups that, like ours, promote a good cause.


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NatSilva Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey there,
I am a local Adelaide artist. I am a contributor of Adelaidians and have stumbled on your un replied comment. I am sorry for the late reply, I will try and reply as to the best of my knowledge. The group I have recently joined is not very active and I am trying to shoot it with hype again.

I am also a community member of a local radio station here in Semaphore, South Australia. What I will tell you now may come as a little bit of a shock- the reason people may not join your group is because as your description says- (in a nut shell), that anything you et given will be donated to charity. These days people use other forms of donating to charity and it's not done through deviantart. Many times people are doubtful of where the money they give will go...If I was to give you $10 who guarantees it will go to a charity and not some one's pocket?

Working with the community doesn't have to be hard and you learn a lot of how things should be structured properly and professionally, there for I suggest that you contact these organisations and get them to approve your group here- there for giving you an account with them and the money or anything that you get will be tracked and there for go to them..

You can pretty much spread the word and not take any money on to your personal account...I know you want to help and it's great that people have joined and that it's going good. :) It shows you care. But I see it from the business side, office work and finical side.

If you are a local Adelaide group then give the team at wowfm a call or email you can find more info at

We have professional community oriented people there who know how to do this right and can assist you with any thing even if it's advice.
EmoWolf26 Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
If you guys might please help me out with this, id be very grateful. It is for the 40 hour famine. Thank you †…
TwistedFeverComics Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there anyway for me to mention Angels Goal in Tasmania.
Its an Anti-Bullying charity I am working for on facebook. They are actively trying to prevent bullying in schools and with your help it could become a world wide support system for those who are bullied. [link]
LifeIsZealous Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course. I'll add it to the list above, and I'll feature it in the next blog entry.
TwistedFeverComics Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, thank you. :D
LifeIsZealous Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No thanks required. It's what this group was made for.
If anything, I should thank you for asking about it.
(1 Reply)
djzontheball Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I just put this message belowout to about 20 australian groups on DA to try and help you get this group going. hopefully this will help.

please help us support this new group. it is to raise money and support australian charity's.


This is only a new group and i am just trying to help it get off its feet and need all the support i can get to do so.
LifeIsZealous Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much. =) It's extremely appreciated.
Tao-Ly Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Also, can other non australians join?
LifeIsZealous Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Non-Australians can join. It's mostly targeted at Australians since it is a cause for our country.
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